Our Purchasing and Recycling

We are shifting our purchasing and policies towards more environmentally-friendly products and practices. We can also suggest where you may buy local produce which has been produced while following environmentally sound policies.

Our welcome tray contains a choice of Fair Trade products, including Fair Trade tea, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, brown and white sugars.

We offer and use Ecover (and other equivalent brand) lavatory cleaner, washing up liquid, hand wash, dishwasher tablets, and surface sprays, washing powder and non-chlorine bleach.

We encourage nesting birds, using nest boxes and currently have two families of swallows which have chosen handy ledges in the beams under the Pend.

We are moving over to low energy lightbulbs and use underfloor heating and a combi boiler, which burns less fuel. We strive to have appliances all graded to energy efficiency level A.

We are currently able to recycle card and paper, bottles and glass, tins, batteries, light bulbs and compostable kitchen waste.

We are using bin bags which contain less plastic.

Where you may buy Organic and Green Products Locally

Local Whithorn Newsagent’s stocks wholefoods and Ecover products. Free range eggs from grocer’s and also from many farm road-ends. Local butcher visits Whithorn on Monday mornings; phone Galloway’s grocers to pre-order local meat. Fishmonger visits Whithorn on Tuesday afternoons.

“Cream of Galloway” icecream is a local brand of organic icecream, which may be purchased at Galloway’s grocery, next door. You may also visit the farm where the organic icecream is made, just near Gatehouse of Fleet and even try the “icecream experience” which tells you about the farm’s produce which is used to make the icecream.

Local farms sometimes sell their own free range eggs (sometimes duck eggs too) at the road-end: look out for the signs, for example, at Whithorn Lodge, just near Garlieston on the B7004 – they also sell salads in season.

“From Ewe to You” is a local farm retailing sheep cheese and also sells wools, fleeces and sheep-related gifts. It is signposted just near the Sorbie Granite works, just north of Sorbie village.

There are buses to the Isle of Whithorn, Wigtown and Newton Stewart several times a day and there are less frequent services to Stranraer and Port William.

Cycle hire in the town is provided by George Pattison, 01988 500899, who runs Wheelie Comfy Cycle Hire and will measure and fit up both adults and children with touring and mountain bikes, and includes helmets and safety vests.

The Whithorn Trust, next door, serves Fair Trade coffees, teas and home made cakes.

Smokehouses for local wild salmon and other meats exist at Marrbury Smokehouse and at Carsluith village.

Fish from local seas are available at the Harbour Shop at the Isle of Whithorn, where you will see local fishermen bringing in the catch.

The Steam Packet Inn, Isle of Whithorn, advertises which dishes use local seafood.

How to Book

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